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RE: Updating developer portal - What would you suggest?

in #whysteem2 years ago

Why is this a featured post? I don't mind getting news on whats going on but I'm getting posts from all types of accounts that I have never seen before. Shouldn't the featured posts be limited to an official account or something along those lines?

Is there any way to stop these posts from coming back after I click to get rid of them the first time?


Agreed. Announcements about the website are one thing, but "featuring" off-topic stuff I'm not interested in and don't need to know? Are the owners of these posts paying to have everybody on the site forced to see them? Either way, please, no more featured posts! They take up half my feed, and the top half is now filled with an advertising bar, so I can't see a single post I want to see, from my main page!

It's hard to see if you use nightmode, but there is an X to close it. Once you know where it is located you can simply close each one with one click.


Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

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We're taking up a community effort which is why you're seeing us featured. Steemit can't do everything nowadays so you will see this kind of stuff moving into more community-centered initiatives.

I have no issue with what you are doing, I just don't want posts from a bunch of accounts that I don't follow forced into my news feed.

I believe they are testing this feature out with a few accounts.

You can hit the X and hide all of them they won't show up after that unless you clear your cookies.

Alas I get them coming back every time I log in/log out. Well, maybe not every time, but seemingly I've clicked the x on them 10+ times and they keep coming back.