Wholesaling leads & buyers list

in #wholesale3 years ago

Wholesaling how to get leads

Direct mail / cold calling
-ex. sale by owners & Craigslist ads
-Short convo address of houses?
What’s the condition of house to get it move in ready?

  • What’s your bottom line price , what’s the price you need to go forward with the deal?

Analysis deal

Potential Buyers list

1)“We buy ugly houses” - (904)310-8859

  1. “Sell your house as is , for cash fast” - (904)853-8713
  2. “Sell your home quick no realtor fees all cash (561)727-5362 [Greg]
  3. “Cheap distressed Houses in Jax” call/text (SAM) (904)553-0708
  4. “We buy houses, land & lots” -(904)434-3245
  5. “Ill buy any house or property” (904)469-0557
  6. “Need help selling your house quick” -(404)-666-1305
  7. Unwanted House? Call Jax Cash Buyers! "Fair Cash Offer" - (904)513-0229

We Buy Headache Houses-


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