The Whole Earth Foundation (WEF) projects infrastructure and environment around the world


In general, infrastructure can be defined as basic physical and social structure and facilities, such as B. Building construction, toll roads and power supplies, and various types of things required to run community activities or public services.

Infrastructure is all the facilities that the general public needs to support various community activities in daily life. In other words, infrastructure is all physical and non-physical facilities built by government and individuals to meet the basic needs of society in various aspects of social and community life.

The question of how to manage public goods like water and air efficiently has long been studied in business. It is widely believed that markets cannot efficiently allocate resources to public goods. The main reason for this lies in the fact that high public activity is not always economically valued and exchanged outside the market. As a result, there is no incentive for the general public to participate in activities such as providing information about the status of the infrastructure to service providers. However, if the activities carried out by the public can be assessed and linked to them, it may be possible to manage public goods efficiently (Coase Theorem, 1960).

To solve this problem, the Whole Earth Foundation (WEF) suggests using the Whole Earth Access (WEA) platform to connect citizens (or information providers) and infrastructure service providers in general by providing access to databases of detailed information grant to their infrastructure. and ecosystem. designed to facilitate

Future Projects

As the name suggests, the Whole Earth Foundation intends to focus all infrastructure and environmental projects around the world. As a starting point, we'll focus on the issue of water, but the potential use of platforms goes well beyond water infrastructure.

Provision of ecosystem tools

In order to promote the use and adoption of the WEA platform, the WEF will provide a range of tools for those who wish to get involved with our platform launch networks.
The general public can connect and access the environment
database and data contribution. Participation in platforms and
the provision of data are encouraged by examining gamification
mechanisms, e.g. B. Using missions to involve users in tasks.

Users can then manage and use the utility tokens they earn in exchange for various tasks.
Infrastructure-related service providers are given access to the
environment database. With this data, service providers can increase the efficiency of development projects by having access to most of the most up-to-date information maintained by the community. You can also use products that have been created by third-party developers.

Third-party developers also have access to the environment database
. You are encouraged to explore new data applications for projects that benefit infrastructure and the environment.

The foundation wants to work with partners to ensure that all projects are in line with the foundation's vision.

Ecosystem Governance

Currently the WEC token is an ERC20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain. We chose the Ethereum blockchain because of its maturity as a decentralized platform that
offers high security and access to a variety of development tools. In the further course of this, the foundation will actively look for governance structures that better support our goals and take into account factors such as scalability and general environmental impact.


Team | Leadership & core members & consultants

  • Takatsugu Kobayashi: CEO, co-founder
  • Mayumi Suzuki: CFO, co-founder
  • Hiroaki Sengoku: Engineering colleague
  • Chief Sasagawa: Chief Engineer
  • Daiki Moriyama: Founding Consultant (coming COO)
  • Takashi Kato: co-founder and CEO of Fracta, Inc.
  • Yumiko Nishimura: Consultant
  • Jordan Breslow: Lawyer


conservation and resource creation
An important part of implementing this approach is a method of measuring the value of the information provided. We hope you enjoyed the introduction of our project. Further information and updates on the project can be found on our website. We also keep you informed on social media on a regular basis

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