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Good evening Great Steemians,

We have come to update you on our Prepared Modus operandi, using the WhitePaper format.

This is a run down of How Backtoschool Project would be run.

We believe that Everyone deserves a right to affordable education, and that the average Nigerian child due to environmental decadence and lack of exposure to benefits of academics have unscrupulously lost that right.

We are here to bridge the gap between students and affordable education.

We aim to become the light that helps create a great career path for students in light of academic achievements.

Over the years many students have suffered lack of education due to their poor background that most times are unable to afford a basic three square meal not to talk of affording to allocate money for educational trainings of the students.

To this end we have decided to come up and help students in all capacities to ensure adequate education for the average student.

We shall be working in these capacities.

  1. Campus invasion: Overtime, our team would invade several university campuses starting from Nigeria to spread the good news of Steemit and teach students how to make good use of their talents to help themselves as undergraduate, we would hold meet-ups and training sessions,targeted at demystifying the steem blockchains to the better understanding of the average Youth.

  2. Curation rewards; We would engage in helping members earn more by curating their posts, to enable those just joining and those already on the blockchain earn more curation rewards on educational articles which are original, and meets the pre-set criteria for our curation.

  3. Steem-backed Projects: we shall be embarking on steem-backed projects targeted at enabling powerful adoption of steemit and the blockchains ,effective understanding of the concept and showing care and supports to students of all grades and levels.

  4. Donations and Supports : We shall be soliciting for donations and supports for students who are in dire need of help and have proven to really be in need, our team would verify the claims of every applicant, before we go ahead with any form of help we will provide.

We will publish a post on how to request for help from @backtoschool project and the criteria for verification.

Thank you for your time.

@backtoschool Project Team.


i love you guys so much, thank you so much for your help and support.

Thumbs up...

This is real good...
Together we shall achieve greater things
Kudos to @backtoschool

Hoping to achieve all these with the help of God, that of the community and our unrelenting efforts.

Excellent one... Let's do great things

Nice one, we win together

The sky is your starting point

What is your roadmap of activities and goals for the next one year?

Amazing... I love this team