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Some people may only think that cherry blossoms only grow in Japan.

And in our country Indonesia, in some areas such as my close to area that is Central Java like Klaten, Wanayasa already many that grow and bloom with beautiful... but because our season with country of origin is different, so different cherry blossoms are blooming. usually ahead of the rainy season, but also in the dry season. grow cherry blossoms.

look at this;


the picture above I take when passing in the area of Wanayasa, Magelang - Jawa Tengah Indonesia

images (2).jpeg

how to grow sakura seeds in my country is very easy, only with us buy the seeds of cherry tree that has been sold freely ...

then we provide a place to plant the seedlings, and preferably planting seeds should be areas that contain lots of water. should not dry areas. and exposed to the sun directly.

other than we save water, also cherry blossoms are very fast growing in moist areas.

because my area is a fertile, moist area, then I plant seeds everywhere will still grow. as shown above. we plant on the roadside will grow fertile.

good luck....


Your Posts are golden @madcool 。◕‿◕。

Absolutely gorgeous. I am so jealous of all the flowers blooming. Still a few months to wait here in Alaska!

ha ha ha...

you can visit anytime to our place here ...

24 hours is always open for all guests.
we are citizens who strongly uphold the value of culture and hospitality.

welcome to my village...

pagi mbak... slam kenal... bagus karyanya... :)

pagi juga mba @annieqz.. salam kenal juga.. jaga silaturahmi