White Day: 'White' means the original marshmallow?

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March 14th is celebrated in Asia as White Day.

Every February 14th in the western countries, Valentine's Day presents chocolate with red and pink heart.

In China and Korea, mainly in Japan, Valentine's Day is only one month later, and White Day is celebrated again.

White Day was derived from Valentine's Day about 40 years ago. In Japan, on the Valentine's Day, a culture in which women give chocolate to men has settled in. One month later, White Day is the opposite of a man's return of favor to women.

I have summarized the interesting facts related to White Day.

Should a Japanese woman give chocolate to a man who is not a lover?
The key to maintaining White Day is the culture of Japan's " Okaeishi "

The Japanese have a sense that they must pay back when someone receives a souvenir or gift. This is due to the culture of Okaeshi.

'Okaeshi' is a word meaning to return a gift, which means giving back to the opponent with love and respect. This is why White Day is set to become a special day in Japan, which emphasizes partnership and emphasizes smooth interpersonal relationships.

"Because of the culture of Okaishi, which is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, people have almost touted White Day merchandise," said Sawako Hidaka, a nonprofit Asian society societies.

There is also skeptical opinion. Professor Settsugematsu, a professor of media and culture at the University of California, said, "There is a misunderstanding in the culture of Okaishi, like bartering. People can be tired of the hassle of exchanging gifts. Because the action has blurred the boundaries between romance and duty. "

'White' means the original marshmallow ?

The background of White Day birth is dominated by the commercial purpose of a Japanese confectionery company.

The bakery called Ishimura Manseido in Fukuoka was known as the place where White Day was first planned. This bakery was founded in 1905 and has been renowned for selling delicious cakes for a long time.


This Shimura Manseido made chocolate marshmallows in 1978 for Valentine's Day to give men the chance to return chocolate to women. It was in the form of a marshmallow wrapped around chocolate, which meant "give me chocolate in my heart".

This Shimura Manseido has planned a day called 'Marshmallow Day' to sell chocolate marshmallows to people effectively. Marshmallow Day was known as the predecessor of White Day.

There was a day like Valentine's Day and White Day in Chosun Dynasty.

Valentine's Day, which was a Western anniversary, entered Korea in the 1960s. The White Day in Japan in 1978 spread to Korea in a similar period.

However, there was a similar day on the Korean Peninsula. It is a hardcore. One of the 24 seasons, Kyung-chip is known as a season when frogs wake up from hibernation and announce the full spring.


The 'Sashiro Choyo', published in the 1450s, covered the agriculture culture and technology of the Joseon Dynasty. The book introduces the ginkgo fruit and introduces customs at that time.

At that time, men and women who loved one another shared a special mark like chocolate on a light chip. The lover shared the three-dimensional water bank and the round-shaped cancer bank that were kept in the New Year's Eve.

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