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RE: Steem engagement challenge-S12/W2| Which lifestyle do you prefer, A Metropolis or A Village? And Why?

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Hello @romistee87. Welcome to Steemit.
I saw that you recently arrived on the platform.

On a blogging platform as big as Steemit, you run the risk of not moving forward and not getting the desired results if you do not follow the right path.

There are some basic rules to follow such as posting original content, spamming, plagiarism and AI are not allowed, images must be owned or sources must be cited.

Did you know that there is the Newcomers' Community on Steemit, which helps new users to achieve basic goals step by step in order to be ready for the Steemit ecosystem?

If you are interested in learning more, I recommend you take a look at: Newcomer Guidelines you will find a lot of information that will be useful.

You may also entering some competitions organised by the various communities that's a great way to gain more visibility and make yourself known on the platform.

Try to find the contest that suits you, visiting Contest Alerts: Active Contest List.

I hope I have been a little helpful and good luck with your blog.. 😊

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