Back to office tomorrow

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Tomorrow will be the time my office will be open once again. I was working from home 3 months ago due to Covid19 and boy... Time flies. It has already been 3 months and tomorrow my office will open but will adhere to the government sop on recovery lockdown state.

I hope wherever you are, to stay safe! Have an awesome weekend.

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Maravilloso fin de semana igual para ti, difícil situación por la que pasa el mundo; pero con el esfuerzo de todos lograremos salir de esta. Por ahora enhorabuena, ya estás de vuelta al trabajo.

I wish I can go back to uni too 😂 no more virtual class please

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I guess uni time is nicer that you can see your friends too :D

this looks like Taman Bahagia ? 😁

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Haha yes, it's tmn bahagia :D

Back to (new) normal life eh? I have been back to the office for almost a month now. Haha.

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