A Chill Saturday

in #wherein4 months ago

Had sometime to just chill from all the stresses that has been happening the past 2 weeks in my job place. To pass my time on a Saturday and Sunday, I finally started watching money heist and it was a bloody good series. Non-stop adrenaline and intense moments but it was something I needed to not think about work during the weekends.

I spent quite a lot of time planning and preparing tasks for my team. Yes, I'm now leading two teams in my company now and I can finally see how incompetent some people are at doing their jobs. But at the same time, they managed to reach a position just because of connections and how smart they can bullshit their way to the top. I guess a lesson to learn here is that bullshiting is a life skill if you want to be in the corporate world. Most likely a lot of top managerial positions are filled with these people. NATO, No Action Talk Only people.

I took some time off this weekend to just unwind and to filter out a lot of negativity that are surrounding me lately and to just remind myself that what I'm doing is at my best and is right.

I'm glad I started watching money heist cause it gave me the weekend I deserved. Some peace and just lounging on my sofa chilling with food deliveries.

Have a great week ahead!

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