Practicing writing in Mandarin Chinese #1

in #wherein9 months ago (edited)

Ok, here I am picking up my Mandarin Chinese learning process... last two months have been really difficult, because of the his CoVi-19 the usually smooth work in my company has been delayed, hindered or just directly suspended.

My income depends deeply on the good health of this Chinese company I'm working for... I'm an optimistic guy, and thus I expect this issue to be solved by the Chinese very soon. It's pretty obvious that the bad performance of the Chinese economy is a bad news for the global economy.

ok but back to the main subject of this post.

Here is the little paragraph I made, currently this is as good as I can write in Mandarin... I'll plan to keep this going for long enough to keep track of my improvement rate (if any 😂)



Here's my proof of work lol

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