Scoot scoot scooter....

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The long awaiting scooter has arrived. The youngest son was soooo happy, just look at his excitement staring at the box, waiting for it to be opened. I bought this at super cheap price, with the protective gear, it was a very good buy.

Unfortunately, when I looked at the material, I was sad, but I kept it in my heart. Wanted to happy together with the son.

It was an extremely low quality scooter, not sturdy at all, unlike being described, and the plastic like it was going to break. Fortunately, my son was a light boy at his age, 13kg, still could stand on the scooter without breaking it. Only that, it was shakey and caused him to feel insecure.

He seemed to know I was disappointed, maybe he could see it through my eyes? So he tried to cheer me up and said he would like learning to balance and that the scooter was good enough, despite his first kick to propel the scooter, and the scooter leaned towards the side, he almost fell. Still, he said he would learn to handle this light scooter.


We shall see how. Perhaps, I shall work harder to save money to buy him a sturdy solid scooter.

Anyway, I am grateful for this CDH survivor champ who was grateful for every little things including this non-sturdy scooter.

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Cheap price of cause with low quality

[WhereIn Android] (

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