Curry Leaves

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So many curry leaves!!!

Do you guys love curry leaves? We use alot in Indian cuisine especially our favourite curry dishes. Okay, I am not an Indian, I am a Chinese, but we grew up with different cultures, with the Malays and Indians, we are like part of one another.

My mom is a fan of curry leaves, so is my aunt. My mom and dad even plants curry leaves plant at their garden, and theg harvested alot recently and gave me this whole bunch of fragrant goodness leaves. Besides a perfect addition to curry dishes, we also use it when we stir fry prawns and butter chicken. Because of their health benefits, now my mom asked me to boil rice with some curry leaves too. Very, very fragrant rice. Nowadays, I add curry leaves and cinnamon into the rice cooker when boiling rice, end result - super fragrant whole house! =) yum yum aromatic rice too!

Why I add them because it is believed it helps in weight loss, which I seriously need it now when approaching 40, and my metabolism slows down alot. Curry leaves also helps in boosting immune system according to my mum. So, it is a win-win to cook rice with curry leaves.

I do not want them to spoil in the fridge so I freeze then layer by layer in parchment sheets and arrange nicely into a container, and freeze them.

Do you love dishes with curry leaves?

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