Colours are life🌈

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When I was young, art was a therapy to me, or should I say, a hobby to pass time. I inherited it from my father. And the gene goes on.

Now, two of my boys love art. You ask them to do exercise worksheets, in half an hour time, their attention is gone. But to do art, be it, drawing with marker pens, using colour pencils or watercolour, believe me, they can do it for two hours, no complain, no whining.

There is something about colours intertwining within us, colours make us happy. Freedom in our imagination and emotions and feelings. Or just let our creativity be alive again.

It is good to keep the brain juice moving while being stucked at home. Either art, or music or reading or dancing, or even blogging here. Just remember to stay alive in every sense.

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Build one hoppy and keep.stay with it

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Always loved this picture my son painted when he was's been hung in my office for 25 years....

突然間讓我想起席琳迪翁的All by myself

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