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Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United, he has, in interviews and updates, made an effort not to close the door completely for a possible Manchester comeback. On Wednesday, however, the rumors picked up speed, because after Juventus seemed open to selling the superstar to get some air in the salary budget, Fox America journalist Christian Martin came on the scene with a wild rumor.

He claimed along with a number of other sources that Ronaldo has already received an offer from Manchester United to return to the club. Now the Portuguese media Record has also come on the field, and they are now throwing more fuel on a fire that already had towering flames.

The media, like Christian Martin, reports that Jorge Mendes, who is Ronaldo's agent, should have received a bid from the red part of Manchester. So far, it is only known that the 35-year-old world star will look at the offer and that there will also be a transfer to next summer, rather than a change this January. Record was also the first media to share the news of Ronaldo's transfer to Juventus, so the news cannot be completely rejected.

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