THE DIARY GAMES 09 Oct 2020: Grocery Shopping at Supermarket 购买日常用品

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Today is my rest day. After tired working in weekdays, I think to take full rest at home for this weekend.

This morning I woke up about 8am. After bath and washing, I took out a vegan pizza which’s given from my neighbour yesterday and heated up by oven for my breakfast.

After simple breakfast, I went out to nearby supermarket to top up the stocks for my fridge. Luckily this morning the supermarket was not crowded, so I was quite comfortable to shop there. I bought some vegetables such as broccoli, green pepper, mushrooms, salad, and fruits such as green apples, kiwi and grapes, other items like tofu and breads.

After shopping, I went back home to rest and prepare lunch for my family. I cooked mushroom dried noodles with miso tofu soup. After lunch, I cleaned up my kitchen and had my lovely ice-cream while watching TV with my family.

Dinner time, I was lazy to walk out and called food delivery for my family. I selected a vegetarian restaurant near my place, so can shorten the travel time for delivery man to reach my house. We ordered a fried olive rice, a fried mee hun, a vegetable soup, spring rolls and a fried eggs. It took about 40mins to deliver all the food.

We enjoyed our dinner. After eating, I walked out with my family to nearest park. We was strolling in park about one hour before walked back.

The park has a beautiful waterlily pond and a fish pond which’s has big numbers of fishes inside the pond. We like to feed the fishes with some bread. They came to us when I threw bread into water. It was fun to feed the fishes in this fish pond.

Happy Friday to everybody! Have nice weekend ahead!


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