THE DIARY GAMES 07 Oct 2020: Vegetarian Food Delivery 素食外卖

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Today is a busy working day for me.

This morning I woke up about 7am. After washing and bath, I went out to a nearest coffee shop to have my breakfast before worked from home. I had my favourite Roti Canai with a cup of hot Coffee which’s cost about S$2.60. After finished my breakfast, I walked back home and started to work from home.

Before start the design drafting works, I had to check through the emails and trying to reply one by one, and done some coordination works with working partners. I received the instruction for changing the master plans from architect. They still pending the final design layout, therefore I have some time to think of the detail design for planting plans to be proposed.

Time goes fast, already 12pm afternoon. I felt bit hungry but I was lazy to walk out again to pack my lunch. Therefore, I decided to call food delivery. By using Grab apps, I selected a vegetarian restaurant in my neighbourhood area, and my favourite vegetarian food.

After half an hour, the delivery man reached my house. So I took a break from work and had vegetarian food delivery.

Today I ordered a claypot vegetarian Yee Mee, fried eggs and spring rolls. The claypot vegetarian Yee Mee is very yummy, I like soup taste and added vegetables are all fresh. After finished Yee Mee, I felt quite full. Therefore, I kept the fried eggs and spring rolls in fridge for adding dishes for tonight dinner.

About 6pm evening, I left from work and went out for dinner with my family. We came to Food Court in shopping mall to have steamboat with rice for our dinner.


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