THE DIARY GAMES 22 Sept 2020: Having meal with working partners 和工作伙伴午餐

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Today is a normal working day for me.
This morning I woke up about 6am. After washing and bath, I took a simple breakfast, a peanut butter toast and hot milo. Then I went out for site meeting with contractors and architect.

My site is a HDB courtyard garden next to a car park. We took 15 mins walk at site to check the site condition, existing plants, levelling, and drainage system. After that, I took some time to take some photos for site analysis report to client.

After that, we went to a coffee shop nearby to our site for lunch. My working partner introduced me to try the nice vegetarian food at the coffee shop because he tried before and very tasty.
The stall is called Su Good Vegetarian Food. The signature food is Hainanese Curry Chop Chop Rice. I was so hungry after a long walk at site. Therefore, I ordered the signature food as per recommended by working partner.

The Hainanese Curry Chop Rice came in big portion with curry gravy and black soya sauce. The side dishes are come stirred mix vegetables and crispy chop with plain rice. It was cost S$5.00. I couldn’t finish as the portion is too big and I gave about ¾ to my working partner.

After lunch, I back to home office for continue my work. I received many emails for project works coordination works and I replied all the email before proceed the design drafting works.
Dinner time, I went out with my family to nearest foodcourt to have dinner. We didn’t call food delivery today.


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look like Nasi banjir to me🤩

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那你应该也喜欢煮炒挡的mui fan吧。。hor fan的粿条换成饭。。

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breakfast is very good.!shop

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