THE DIARY GAMES 19 Sept 2020: Morning Walk at Park 公园晨运

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Today is my resting day for me after a busy project working schedule in the weekdays.

In fact I planned to exercise in the weekend if the weather is good. This morning I woke up about 6am. After washing and changed sport wear, I took a cup of hot milo, then I walked to nearest park for morning walk.

I was so lucky as meet good weather. The fresh air, gentle wind blowing my face and the lovely morning sunlight, sound of the water flowing in the stream and the birds singing in the park creating the peace and harmony sense of the place.

In the Taichi Plaza, I saw a small squirrel ran out on the tree. He didn’t run away and seems like making pose for me to take photo for him.

The flower shrubs are blooming on the way to go to Butterflies’ Garden. There are many type species of butterflies in Butterflies Garden, such as purple, orange, pink, white, yellow and red flowers which’s attracting many butterflies in the garden.

After a long walk, I walked back to my house for bath and prepare out for breakfast with my family. We went to breakfast store for our breakfast and then went to supermarket for buying some daily stuffs before home.
Lunch time, I prepared to cook vegetarian noodles soup for my family while they enjoy watching Korean drama through TV box.

Evening time, I repot a potted plants in my small balcony garden in front my house, and watering and trimming the potted plants.

Dinner time, my family ordered vegan pizzas from Pizza Hut Delivery so we didn’t walk out for dinner.


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