THE DIARY GAMES 4 September 2020: Shopping at Wet Market 去巴刹购物

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Today is my off day. After my design drawings submission, I intended to take a break before taking the new projects.

This morning, I went to wet market near my house for shopping some groceries. The wet market is one of popular market in my neighbourhood. There are many stalls selling variety goods and products such as eggs, fishes, prawns, vegetables, fruits, tofu, mushrooms, meats, breads, cakes, condiments, can gourmets, preserved food, drinks, clothes, shoes, etc. Overall the price of things are selling in in wet market is cheaper compared to the things selling in hypermarket and supermarket. Therefore, the residents like to visit here.

Singapore authority has variety supplier sources from different countries. They are mostly imported vegetables from different countries, and 20-30% are local products. I like to go to the wet market sometimes in terms of budget, I can buy more items and save more money.

After bought some groceries and packed my lunch, I walked back home.

Dinner time about 7pm, I went out to nearest mall to meet up my family for dinner.


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