THE DIARY GAMES 24 August 2020: Dinner with family 和家人一起吃晚餐

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Early in the morning, my client called and requested me to add some design for his house courtyard garden, and gave some ideas for the herbal plants he intended to add to herbal garden. I noted down what he requested, and planned to complete the design by today, so tomorrow I can proceed to design presentation files to be completed by this week. Next Monday is my design drawings submission date, I have to check through all the drawings and Bill of Quantities, and make sure everything is in order before the submission.

A simple breakfast with kaya toast and soya milk, then I started to work on the design proposal.

Afternoon, I was lazy to walk out, my working partners called food delivery for me so I can continue my design drawings while eating my lunch.

I was started tiredness on 5pm, I left from works and went out to meet my family for dinner at my favourite vegetarian restaurant which’s near to our house.

We ordered claypot vegetarian meehun, and spicy pan mee. Both are served in hot condition, fresh vegetarian with tasty sauce of food, really yummy!




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