THE DIARY GAMES 21 August 2020: Having desserts with old friend 和老友吃甜品

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Today just a normal working day. Most of time, I do drafting works for landscape design proposal while replied all the email correspondences.

This morning my old friend suddenly called and invited me to take desserts at nearby shopping mall. In fact, I was quite busy, but I was thinking to have desserts during tea break, therefore I decided to go with her.

After settle some works, I went out to meet up my old friend at nearby shopping mall. We ordered our favourite red bean soup and green bean soup from a traditional dessert stall.

We like to eat the desserts here as it is not very sweet compare to others, the soup is concentrated with fresh beans making the nice soup. Therefore, the desserts here always sold out during dinner time.

Today we reached there about 4pm. As usual, we had to scan QR Code for our attendance, checked in when entering the restaurant and checked out when went out from restaurant.

There were many seating as we came during off-peak hours. Both of us can enjoyed nice desserts which’s not very crowded.




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