THE DIARY GAMES 20 August 2020: Receive Edible Vegetable Seeds 收到蔬菜种子

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This morning, I woke up earlier as per today work schedule, I need to bring some document to my client office, and then go meeting with my working partner.

After washing and bath, I went out to the nearest foodcourt that to have my breakfast, today I ordered nasi lemak set with coffee. After eating, I took mrt to client office to settle some the document matters.

About 1 hour time spending at client office, then I went to meet up my working partner for lunch while discussing another project matters.
When I was reached back my home 5pm, I opened my letter box and I saw a special letter posted by Nparks Singapore. Yeah, finally I receive my vegetable seeds!

It is free vegetable seeds gift distribute to all residents from Nparks to encourage the residents to grow vegetables at corridors of house, do share harvest and interest for gardening with neighbours and friends.

Each of household has received 2 packs of vegetable seeds. We received Cai Xin and Egg plants seeds. I think I have to buy some pots for growing vegetables. In the letter, there is attached with instruction on how to grow the vegetables, so we just need to follow the instruction to grow the vegetables.


梳洗后,我去壳附近的食堂吃早餐,今天我点了椰浆饭和咖啡。吃完饭后,我搭mrt 到客户的办公室解决一些文件的事宜。在客户的办公室花了大约1小时的时间,然后我去见工作伙伴,一同午餐和讨论项目是宜。


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Terima kasih @steemcurator08 and saudara @anroja :)))))

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All the best in your journey of creating a self-sustainable and edible environment. Hopefully there will be more people go for this, and urban landscape will one day promote that too.

thank you :)

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