Craving Some Sweets

in #wherein2 months ago

I am not a huge fan of sweets and I have said this a million times but sometimes your teeth just crave something sweet. So I have no choice than to obey my craving. So today I went out to a Sweets shop and found this Velvety Milky Sweet called Malai Chop and made a quick decision to have it.
Fun fact I didn't even know the name of the sweet, I had to google to find out its name that's how bad I am with sweets. It's a pretty simple sweet to make, even though I don't know the exact recipe I can tell that its base is made up of Chana and later on it was marinated in Milk some dried nuts and simmered down for the velvety texture. I am also 80% sure that if I try making this sweet at home I will fail so yeah I am not gonna try to make it instead I will just enjoy them while they are soft.


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