A little something on Rakuten KOBO..Ebates

in where •  17 days ago

Used to be Sony's bookseller website, voluntarily shut down. I liked Sony; the way their equipment felt, in a creepy kind of way: their hand held devices, their remote controls. What is KOBO? Keep One, Buy One? I don't know YOLO.

And Ebates; is that like EBay? The new way to shop, make money..can we say Amway? Anyway I used to love the old Sony book site. It's default was Jane Austen, then because I published with IUniverse, my stuff would show up next to Sense, Sensibility and something about the Daughters of Maitland Valley, County?

Anyway it made me feel important, what without book sales and all. I always look up Augusten Burroughs, regardless of website, just to see how real authors get treated. Authors with actual sales, movie deals, real ratings, etc. I think I covered everything.

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