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         It's a bit early to think about life after the COVID-19 outbreak. At the same time, there's hoping. This experience has definitely pushed me to put forth more thoughts into my routines. One of these is fitness goals, which received a monkey wrench during this crisis. Another is shifting more resources into store of value assets due to mass printing of fiat. Finally, I am putting more resources into emergency preparation.

         At least, this is the hope as those in the US enter the most dangerous weeks ahead. The CDC figures do look scary.

covid us.png

Fitness Goals

         It's true that I could work out at home, but I do have limited equipment. The gist of this is to figure out workout routines that don't require expensive machines. For the past several years, I have relied on the staff gym at the hospital. However, that is not available right now. Since I don't want to invest in a home gym at this time, some sort of improvisation needs to happen.

         As much as I like the excuse of me not having enough time, I do. It's a matter of allocating them in a manner that I must commit to. Being at home when not at work has allowed me to think about how to use time in an efficient way. It's as simple as 30 minutes a day. I'm sure there are plenty of online resources for me to formulate a routine.

Valuable Assets

         I want to refer back to the words of someone that I know.


         The governments of the world are printing trillions to save the economy. I'm sure many of you have seen the #MoneyPrinterGoBrr tag on Twitter. We won't feel the impact of inflation immediately. But, give it a few years, it can't be good.

         This could be a good wake up call to look towards crypto in general. At the same time, you could never discount precious metals. It's not like everywhere in the world has the infrastructure to adopt crypto. And I tend to agree with Zdr that we may never see things this cheap again in our lifetime.

         Point being, I don't want to stay in USD liquidity for too long. I want to put them where I could either gain value or not losing it.

Emergency Preparedness

         After the moderate earthquake back in March, there is another looming threat. The general attitude in the state of Utah has been that of emergency preparations. That comes from the culture as well from the local LDS preaching. My family was lucky that we have enough supplies to weather weeks of stay home directive.

         If I were to change anything after the pandemic, it's to expand my supplies inventory. In particular, fuel and armaments. The nice thing about the current situation is that we still have clean water and electricity. In the case that we don't, well, there are more issues to consider then.

         Of course, nobody plans on surviving in an apocalypse forever on their own. Having a backup plan and unite the community would definitely increase your odds.

         It wouldn't be a bad idea to learn some old school husbandry by this point. Expanding on survival skills is definitely looking more attractive than ever.

         I know these are wishful thinking as the pandemic rages on. The situation does call for prioritizing what matters the most in life. The common denominator for all these is improving oneself. For those who are fortunate enough to be in good health, now may not be a bad time to think about it.

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