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What would I say is I would like to know what the truth is. The truth is the hardest thing to really know. Who is telling the truth? Who will tell the truth? Who is it, that I should believe that is telling the truth? Should I believe everything I see and hear is the truth? How do I believe that what I see and hear is the truth? Just because somebody says there telling the truth I'm suppose to believe it's the truth? Is it when, two people say it's the truth I'm suppose to believe it's the truth? A hundred say the same thing it's the truth? A million? We are at a time which we all have never seen before. A time where information is so abunit. A time where we are finding out how much we have not been told the truth. A time where everything we were taught was a bunch of crap shoved down our throats and believe it as the truth. How, Who, When has anybody really told us the truth? Can we handle the truth? Do we really want to know the truth? The sad thing is nobody cares about the truth. The truth scares everybody. Is the truth by what side your on? Is the truth if you are red, blue, white, black, yellow, brown? We are at a time where like it or not we are going to find out the truth. Eyes and minds are opening and the truth will be known. There will be a lot of butt hurt. So hang on to your knikkers we are going for a ride. Thanks

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Hi @basquejohn. Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your thoughts with the world. Truth is definitely a tricky thing to pin down these days. Many consider it to be a personal thing these days and in many senses I agtee but I also believe the most important truths are 'universal' truths which apply to all of us equally and are not open to interpretation. I personally 'believe' some among us have access to or knoowledge of these truths and it is their denial in sharing it with the rest of us which allows them to keep us in a state of ignorance regarding our true nature and potentials.

I really enjoyed reading this my friend. Thanks again for entering and good luck in the contest.

Have a great day. :)


Thank you for getting this blogfest to happen. Great idea. Hope you get a good turn out and thank you for your reply.