Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Tool For Advertising & Promotions

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There are several new tools that have released for sending Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Here's a list of new tools that are available for running any sort of marketing, advertising, promotional and blasting campaign via WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender - Desktop WhatsApp Marketing Software

This is an all in one marketing automation tool for sending messages via your own computer, using this desktop based bulk WhatsApp sending software.

This software provides you with channel registration, channel management, changing profile picture, and status of all WhatsApp channels, sending text, image, video, PDF, and contact files on WhatsApp, and also maintain one to one communication with your active users via it's easy to use chat interface, this tool is also known to be the best and most recommended tools by most of the ninja marketers for WhatsApp.

2. WA Panel - Web Based WhatsApp Marketing Panel

Unlike, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, this tool is a Web based WhatsApp marketing script that can be self-hosted on your own web server. It gives you full control over your messaging campaign, and you don't have to worry about sharing your valuable database to any 3rd party WhatsApp marketing service provider. Since, you will have your own panel to run your campaign on. And you can then, upload multiple channels, and run the WhatsApp promotions automatically, in hyper threaded speed. Because it's a web based tool, the speed of sending campaigns from web based platform is really really high.

This tool is best suited for people who want to reach millions of users on a day to day basis. Mostly suited for bigger agencies, marketing companies, and marketers who are really into their WhatsApp marketing game plan to make massive profits in a single day.

3. WA Bulk Panel - Web Based Automated WhatsApp Marketing Script

Similar to WA Panel, this script is also a web based panel that can be self-hosted on your server to operate your own WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Additionally, they have an agency license which allows you to create your resellers and users under your own panel, custom white label your panel under your own brand name, and operate a full fledged, WhatsApp marketing service business to provide WhatsApp marketing as a service where you can distribute credits, to different resellers and users.

If you are operating your own marketing agencies, or already have existing advertising campaigns for your clients, and want to give them an additional, highly responsive WhatsApp marketing service, then, WA Bulk Panel is the solution for you.

5. Blaster Bulk Sender - WhatsApp Marketing Software

Similar to WhatsApp Bulk Sender, this is another WhatsApp marketing software that can be operated on a Windows based PC/Laptop. You can also use this software on a Windows based VPS Server. Unlike, WBS this tool doesn't include WhatsApp Channel Registration tool. But, this can allow you to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns using your own WhatsApp channels that can be imported into the software.

There are a lot of crackers, hackers, and nulled version available of this software on the web. Beware of purchasing a copy from these crackers, who sell you an outdated version of the software. And hence, you not only block your WhatsApp channels easily, but also don't get access to latest updates made by the developer.

Piece of advise: ONLY purchase the copy from the original developer from their official website.

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