WAScript.com Review - Legit or Scam?

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I have been using multiple tools for WhatsApp marketing in the past couple of months, including WhatSender, Q Sender, WA Script, WhatsApp Bulk Sender, Blaster Bulk Sender, WA Bulk Sender, and Wapp Bulk Sender

The majority of these tools are desktop based WhatsApp marketing software which either use web.whatsapp.com to automate whatsapp campaigns or use advanced WhatsApp Hash Channels and send messages automatically using these virtual/real SIM card generated WhatsApp numbers to send campaigns, filter whatsapp numbers, and other related tasks.

The issue with desktop tools I faced was that these tools only send campaigns and were not able to perform other activities due to which my channels were recognized by whatsapp of using them in automated tools because of which my numbers got blocked on whatsapp.

Out of all these tools majority of the tools are available starting from 9.99$ to 200$ per license. And the maximum costing you can have for a WhatsApp marketing solution is for paying web based tool i.e. WA Script which starts with its pricing of more then 1000$ for one single license!

Now let me be honest, I might have spent around 4000$ + in the past couple of months before I heard about WA Script. And then, a friend of mine who is also into SMS and email marketing (he sends 9 million emails daily using black hat methods!) told me about the tool he is using to run WhatsApp campaigns. He told me he just started out and is doing 300k plus messages daily using this tool. And I on the other hand was only able to send couple 1000 messages per week!

I am majorly into CPA Campaigns, PayPerCall campaigns working with different affiliate networks in US, Canada, Australian lead generation market. Now, again hearing the news from my friend and getting this validation that he is minting money from this tool definitely rang the bell in my head.

I tried reaching WA Script on their website, and filled out the application form on their site to know more details. I was interested in developer license of the software because that gave me right to resell the software to other clients. And brings my money back as an investment in shortest period of time.

And since, the software is 100% white labeled no one on the planet can know that they are the original maker of the software, since I could resell the tool with my own name.

I applied at first and my application was rejected. May be because I didn't match the profile they wanted to sell it to. Then, I reached to their team on Telegram on https://t.me/WAScript and after two days one of the team member on chat approved my application after I told them how I wanted to use the tool for my online & affiliate business.

I also took 20% discount on the script after requesting them. So, incase, you want to buy ask them for discount option if your application is approved. I used BTC to pay and may be thats why I got the discount.

At this moment, I am doing 100k to 200k volume daily and running affiliate campaigns in health, real estate, and mobile offers CPA & pay per call campaigns. If you are into affiliate marketing. I recommend sending messages to same list multiple times to get better response then instead of messaging new numbers each time.

I filter the demography by creating series of mobile numbers according to my target demography & mobile number series, and then upload my contacts on WA Script to run campaigns. Since, the numbers are automatically filtered by the tool to find active whatsapp numbers. Next time I run campaign I already have a list of active whatsapp numbers.

I am selling whatsapp numbers too if you are interested. Even though if you have already got wa scriscript you don't to buy since tool will filter for you.

The best feature of WA Script is that it keeps all my channels online at the same time. I am at the moment using more then 15000+ channels into my system and all of them have auto replies fixed which allows me to scale my campaigns to double campaigns then just one time campaigns.


Hello Whats'pp, how are you?
Your posts are amazing, I follow you for a long time.

I created a steemit account to be able to contact you.

My name is Camila, I am looking for a system like this that you described in this post a long time ago, but I am very afraid to buy without knowing who I am buying and how you spoke very well of this site I would like to know if it really It's reliable and if your system works at all.

Please come back to me soon ...


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