Whatsapp Add New Menu for iPhone XS Max - WhatsApp 2019

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Whatsapp is a chat application that became the flagship of the smartphone users when it. Whatsapp 2019 later will appear instantly as Whatsapp latest version. Along with the development of time, Whatsapp was always fixing the power works. So that users more easily apply it. WhatsApp 2019 can be used for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, PC, Windows, Nokia, and Mac OS.

WhatsApp has had a small update which called for owners of the iPhone XS Max. Users greatest smartphone Apple has to deal with annoying bugs. Word suggestions often fall on the back of the keyboard, making it impossible to use it. Related Article : WhatsApp 2019 New Version

In addition, there are also innovations for all iPhone users. For example, the playback of the message the car has been repaired and there is a new interface for forwarding and storing messages. You can also look forward to the arrival of a number of major new features like Dark Mode.

Whatsapp Add New Menu for iPhone XS Max

The first innovation will sooner or later will attract every user bigoted WhatsApp. The Menu that appears when You press and hold the instant message to copy or forward messages has a new design. Now it is much more convenient to use, because all the options right there in the picture. You have to shift the entire menu to see all the options.

Playback of audio messages has also been improved. Before You have to play the audio message manually, but now all the messages are played automatically and in the correct order. You do not need to press the play button manually. Related Article: Download WhatsApp 2019 for PC New Version

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