What Update (Q&A App) - Steem Connect Mobile Integration, No Fees, Open Source & Release Next Month

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Hi everyone, the app is coming along really good and we're making this post to update you on our development, respond to good questions and share some of our thoughts.

Steem Connect Mobile Integration

Considering the simplicity and amount of steem apps implementing this, it's in our best interest to implement it.

Steem Connect is already making it easier for users to log in on web apps and we've yet to find steem mobile apps utilising Steem Connect.

Below are working examples of logging in on Android.

No Fees

We believe this adds to the incentive of being rewarded for asking/answering questions and in the outcome grows the STEEM ecosystem and adds more value to the coin.

Open Source

The project will be open source shortly after the release next month. As of now, we'll be adding short tutorials that we feel are beneficial for developers new to the steem blockchain. Feel free to also ask questions.

Our Thoughts

We believe this year will be very interesting in the Steem world as SMTs (Smart Media Tokens) will put Steem in league with smart contract platforms such as Ethereum, Neo and EOS. Developers that have ideas of creating apps that reward users will definitely prefer Steem.


Steemit Chat - SteemitChat@shango
Discord - @shango

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Is WHAT an app only for the smartphones or is there a desktop choice ?


Yeah there will be a desktop version, we will release more information on that in the next post.

Can't wait!

steemit will rock till 2020


Definitely agree, a lot of people don't know about Steemit and things are only getting better.


Perhaps you've just addressed this in another post, however is there going to be an iOS variant of this application or are you working Android Improvement first

What A Nice Post MAN!

Maybe you've already answered this in another post, but is there going to be an iOS version of this app or are you working Android Development first?


Hi, there will be an iOS version and the iOS version will come a few days after the Android release.


Awesome, I'm looking forward to it!

I am looking forward to it and give it a try at least. Thanks!