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What I must do today/cjsdns

I start today's story with words of comfort, like everyone else.
Thought that everyone would be like that, although it may be a temporary relief, it is actually my story of a human living in a world full of loopholes.
There are things that I have to do every day, but I forget to do it.
There were times when I was diagnosed with dementia by going to a hospital rather than a public health center, worrying about this being approved for dementia.

The result is, in a word, fine and there is no need to worry at all.
But why is it like this, there is something I just forget every day.

And then, I'm late and I'm going to solve it, but when I think about why I'm like this, there's no one in the past who didn't catch a tiger, but I don't remember catching a tiger before. I can't guarantee that back then I didn't live as stupidly as I am now. I thought I was living a dull, dull life.

But now my wife is asking me to do something this evening again, but she has to reply that she knows first.
This is not for the peace of the family, but for my happiness and comfort.

The story of having dinner together is about going to a friend who is having a wedding this weekend to deliver a congratulatory money.
There is no disagreement about whether going to a wedding is better than sending it to a bank account due to the social atmosphere.

In order not to forget about what to do today, if you list them, you will need to get 5 large boxes called plastic furniture.
I think I talked about this three days ago, but I haven't been able to find it yet.
The first thing to do today and the second is to apply for the Corona virus coexistence national support fund.

One day, I went to the Myeon office and checked it out, but they said it didn't apply, and the news says they give it all.
Even though it is a must-have ID, I often leave it with me.

And it came out of a friend's story I posted in yesterday's post. Today, I have to make and hang a banner to celebrate the grand prize.
It is wrong to buy the work, but I think it would be good to order a few banners to congratulate them as they are the grand prize and to advertise them widely.

Oh, and you must also make an appointment for a comprehensive checkup today.
If I call after thinking about what happened, I don't know if it's after work hours.
However, my lifestyle seems to be the problem, but I have no intention of changing it.

Although there is a concept of seasons, I am not interested in these things in the year, month, and day. And since I live without the concept of accurate calculations, I don't think I can't take things and write them down.
The most difficult thing in my life is organizing the books.
People who are good at things like meticulously organizing books look really amazing.

So, in some ways, my lifestyle seems to be lazy, but it's not like that. In other words, if I organize myself, I don't have a plan for a month or two for today and tomorrow, but I live my life as I go, but I make a long-term plan and set a direction like that, no matter what happens, I keep going.

In simple terms, the premise of life is viewed as Act 4, Act 1 is the growth period, Act 2 is to die, work hard, Act 3 is to achieve your dreams, Act 4 is to enjoy life and organize it. As such, the life plan is detailed and not very specific, but it contains a large frame and core content and sets the 4th act of life as a 10-year plan again.

There is no rush, no rush, and no giving up just because it is difficult. If you just look at it like that and keep working hard, you believe that it will come true someday, and it has been and is being made. This is how I live my life.

I may not be able to do everything I have to do today, but I think my life's true goals are being fulfilled one by one today.
The idea of ​​building the best literature museum in Korea in the Gapyeong area and the idea of ​​making 100 minutes of rich people with Steam and Atomy are the big goals I want to achieve, and I think that the second half of the third act and the first half of the fourth act of my life are a significant period. .

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