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Question: What do you enjoy reading the most on Steemit?

Do you enjoy articles or stats, maybe photography or recipes, or maybe you just enjoy following and keeping up to date with someone’s life and posts. What do you enjoy reading the most?

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I follow a rather eclectic bunch of people but if there’s one (ex) Steemian I enjoyed reading most (call me a nerd), it was Dan Larimer.


I love eclectic people! Cheers @dashroom, thats cool! So do you get fully down and dirty with the crypto stats and research? Have followed ya.


(replying from my main account)

So do you get fully down and dirty with the crypto stats and research?

Not really. At least not that much that I would ever publicly acknowledge or admit to. :D

Just think Dan Larimer is an extremely smart cookie, much more than an awesome developer who makes super fast blockchains, whose brain I would love to pick as much as possible. :)


hahah good stuff!! I love it 😁😁

I enjoy being exposed to people from all over the world, directly, without a media filter. To see what their lives are like and what they go through daily. It's eye opening. Also, I enjoy learning new things, and learning about things I never knew existed before. And comments. I love to know people are reading.


Thats awesome, thanks @dbennett for your answer! I appreciate that part of Steemit as well, being able to peak into people's lives from all over the world and noticing the similarities and differences each country and culture have. And even though few, I do love when I know someone has read what I've written. Cheers! Have followed ya.