Upvote and read this article to win a whale vote from @randowhale.

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Hello fellow steemers or whatever the term is .

I want to launch a weekly contest where participants can win a whale vote from @randowhale to an article of their choosing (a vote from randowhale will increase your post it's payout with a few dollar).

7 days after posting this I will reveal the winner (picked at random) and ask him what post he wants upvote by @randowhale.

After doing that I will open the next weekly contest.
After a while it will be a daily thing!
All you have to do to participate :
1- Give a full upvote (note: only full upvotes will have a chance at winning or it will not be fair for the others)
2- Resteem this article to support me (this way I can make this a daily thing sooner).

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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am in...upvote me...yah!!

I'm a minnow I gave the only type of vote I can, hope Im still participating.

upvote my friend :)

Sounds really cool, considering my upvote now is on 0.01, im literally putting my rice grain :)
Thanks for this contest!

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That's a great contest @flyingdutchman I will follow you. Upvoted resteemed

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Thats funny I have called other less pleasant thing steemers too.


Hope is everything. Upvoted resteemed and passing the love around. Love to all