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Greetings Steemians

I just joined Whaleshares! If you have an account. go give me a follow, if you don't. go get one.

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Why Another Platform?

Why not? In the cryptoverse you have to get involved. I can post to WhaleShares and earn tokens that I can later do whatever I want with. It is another part of my journey to financial freedom.
In addition to a purely financial motivation, I'm interested to see how the changes in the Steem code that have been implemented by the WhaleShares team impact the ecosystem.

What's The Difference?

I'm sure there are many differences but so far I have noticed two.

  1. Whatever you vote on, you share.
    In theory this should help make people who vote on a lot of content just to get curation
    rewards a little apprehensive to do so. Also, if you see someone who has 85 things shared
    from the last hour, then you know you might just wanna keep moving.

  2. There is a fourteen day period between post and payout.
    This could be really helpful in allowing you to get a little more exposure for your post.

Only time will tell, but right now I'm really looking forward to interacting on the WhaleShares platform.

Tell Me What You Think

Did I miss anything? I'm sure I did... Tell me what you know about the project in the comments. What do you think of WhaleShares? Let me know. Do you have a WhaleShares account? Follow Me!! Leave your info in the comments and I'll check you out.

If you like what you read here then please give it an upvote and a resteem. Follow @wdougwatson to keep up with my journey to freedom.

Until next time, Keep Steeming!

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It sounds like a great idea. I have a hard enough time keeping up with this platform and the Discord groups, I am not sure adding another to the mix right now is a good idea. My husband says I spend more time on Steemit than I do at work. I'm beginning to think that's true. LOL


Congrats, @wdougwatson. I have an account myself too: https://whaleshares.io/@simplymike, but I haven't been really active yet.
I did follow you. If I can get logged in into Golos, I'll follow you there too.

Now I see your post, it reminds me of the Masdacs site again, where you can post simultaniously to SteemIt, Golos, Whaleshares and Medium. I've known about that site for so long, but every time again I keep forgetting to use it.
I just published a post here on SteemIt, and now I could hit myself for not posting it through Masdacs.
Maybe better luck next time, lol.


Congrats @wdougwatson. I signed up for an account, but I can’t get into my Bitshares wallet, so I can pay the 1 whaleshare. I don’t know what’s going on, must be a bug.