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Hey Steemit friends and everyone else. So I joined whaleshares, thanks to the sponsorship from the lovely @canditits95. Whom makes a lot of great informative content on @dlive. Such as this video detailing how to setup an account with Please go and show her some love for her great work.

Whaleshares Account - Full Demo!

Whaleshares is a lot like the earlier version of steemit. Setup and use is very similar. But Instead of earning steem and sbd. You'll earn whalestakes and wls. I'm hoping they will take a different direction then steemit did, so we don't just have a carbon copy and we can get a viable alternative to the alternative known as steemit.

Anyways, colour me intrigued. I'm going to use whaleshares to experiment with some different content than what I post on steemit, so if you're interested, signed and follow me over there.

You can check out my introductory post on whaleshares here

Thanks for reading. Please leave your questions,comments and/or complaints in the comment section below.


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I started using tonight, it looks very different from steemit, though is still in sbd/steem.


Oh yeah? I've heard of steempeak. Do you like it? Should I check it out?


yes and yes my friend, it seems like a much nicer version of steemit, with more features.


Yes it is not perfect, though in my opinion, it is better than steemit, though you know everything is subjective bro.