Why you should definitely join whaleshares!

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To be fare, I think whaleshares and scroum are the next big blockchain social media after steemit, in this post we are going to discuss on why you should definitely join whaleshares and gather as much wls as you can!

What is whaleshares?

"Whaleshares is a first cross chain value-add token between bitshares Dex and steem blockchain, but has grown to be much more namely be an entire community."
- Whaleshares Whalepaper (Whitepaper)

There are a lot of technological advances whaleshares has made with respect to previous other blockchain social media and we are here to discuss about features which we can easily recognize in the website of whaleshares itself. Whaleshares is not just a clone of steemit (as many are) but it is something with newer and better technology than previous social medias. Whaleshares was founded by Fuzzy, who is also a co-founder at steemit, bitshares and EOS.

Why whaleshares?

1. Community first!
Whaleshares don't have reputation score as in weku and steemit, reputation score is one of the psychological phenomenon which number 1 motivates whales to self upvote to grow reputation, number 2 we tend to reply to those with higher rep score than of those lower, subsequently making lower power account feel inferior. I have tried whaleshares and removing reputation score really helps!

2. No ICO!
While weku is getting blamed on pushing ICO date farther and farther, whaleshares didn't do any ICO and it is true, this type of project should not do ICO, it is unnecessary. ICO is required for projects like EOS, Power ledger and something which needs a lot of money and a lot of developers. In case of platforms like weku and wls they can sell their token after some airdrop is complete directly in the market. Market will give confidence to people posting there.

3. No stable coin!
Steem Dollar which is stable coin on steem blockchain has it's value being fluctuating, which makes the token almost useless. There is no such stable coin in whaleshares which will make the learning curve shorter. Wallet full of options like, Steem, Steempower, Steemdollars, Saving(steem), Saving(SBD) makes new people really confused. Except Steem and Steem Power everything is useless but it is still there, weku also have it, maybe developers didn't do any research before implementing that.

4. Account creation!
You must link your account with bitshares, give the purpose of why are you here in whaleshares to make an account. It makes multiple account hard to create and it even respects decentralization as we don't need to provide our information to them.

5. Don't buy wls!
What a nice gesture from the team, buying is risky, we recommend you to get wls by posting, taking part in contests and making interaction with their supportive and active team. While some sites (not to mention name) seems only active when there is something related to money, whaleshares is doing amazing work!

6. No upvote!
In whaleshares, you don't upvote but you will share, whaleshares believes that if you like a content then you should advertise the post and give it a reward at the same time. Think share button as upvote+reweku/resteem button combined. There is a separate place for shared content.

Sorry to say but weku and bearshares seem to be weaker compared to whaleshares, steemit and scorum at present time. It doesn't mean we can't improve weku but present context is not suggesting that weku is doing something great because team is so much inactive and the only effort team is doing is to raise money in ICO and to make people silent if they talk something bad about weku like a dictator, it won't be beneficial in long term. It will be great for us if weku becomes a big thing but there is almost no sign of it till now, we really really hope to get something from weku!

We suggest everyone to join whaleshares and scorum (if you are interested in sports).

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You won't regret joining whaleshares!

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