Testing Cross Post From MASDACS.io To Whaleshares.io And Steemit

in whaleshares •  2 months ago

I just had to see how it works!
I have it auto-populating a signature as well!

If you have BitShares on the Dex you might be able to claim some whaleshares, check it out http://whaleshares.io



Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 5.34.09 PM.png

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I bought some bitshares on my bitshares exchanger account can I still claim some whaleshares from my exchangers account as well @staticinstance


check the links I posted above

Still desperate to obtain 2 whaleshares to register 2 BitShares accounts :-( Can i maybe send you some BTS on DEX, I need 2 whaleshares...


I have been trying this for weeks, openledger blocks this stuff BUT i managed at the end, registering now, FINALLY, THANKS!


Awesome! :)


Do a cross chain post will not get detected by no brainier bots and accused you with act of plagiarism.


hmm, interesting, didn't think of that, I guess we'll see ;)