Whaleshares and the people in it ! Meet NSPART @nspart !

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 Dear friends, and steemians we are also people. In several posts I will show you the people in the Whaleshares project! Today we will meet @nspart , who it responsible for nsfw the rooms! 

 Every person in the streets has their own story. Every person in front of you, in the queue in the grocery store, has their own history. Every friend and colleague in the office - everyone in your life has their own story. 

Think about the millions of moments, the series of events that lead every person to cross your path. Who are these people actually inside, under your vision?

 I do not care what you do or what you own. I just want to know who you are. I want to know what is unique about you, what experiences you have and what you have done. I want to know your story !!! For this I will ask this 7 questions! 

Patelincho :

1. What makes you smile?


 Good Friends, Beautiful Women, Great Food, Great Sex, Money (because it's the medium of exchange to get what you want and gives you freedom, also is the fastest way to put a smile on a total strangers face or help someone most of the time, since 98% of the world is not financially independant.), Good Weed…lol  



Patelincho :

2.What is the most important lesson about life you've learned so far?


  That the non-physical is as important or more important that the physical and there is always help from the non-physical if you know how to ask and to not seek approval from outside of yourself. 



Patelincho :

3.What is your biggest dream in life?


 To do what I love, create my art & music, travel the world and be totally financially independent and to educate and/or inspire others to do the same. 



Patelincho :

4.What are you good at?


 Photography, reading people, Sex (Or so I have been told, not trying to brag) I used to write books on sexual performance & technique and be a dating coach and helped men and women improve their sex & dating lives. I enjoy helping others improve their lives. I also used to do massage therapy for a living many years ago, and I have a lot of knowledge about heath, fitness and Alternative Medicine.  



Patelincho :

5.What is your deepest fear?


 Why would I ever tell anyone anything that could be used against me ?


Patelincho :

6.Why Whaleshares ?


  I came here to see what it was about and then I was asked to Moderate the NSFW section by The Walrus. Then I discovered many of the people here are into the Spiritual/Esoteric just like I am and saw that it was a very positive and supportive community and I'm very happy yo be part of it. I love Steemit also but when I first came to Steemit I was attacked by many people that are Anti-NSFW. I did find a few allies that  mentored me and liked my work. Being asked to Moderdate the NSFW and run the NSFW contests was a great honor for me and felt great to be accepted as I am for who I am and I'm very happy to be part of the Whaleshares community. I feel I belong here. 


Patelincho :

7.Who are you?


  A Spiritual being having a Human experience, a photographer/Artist/Entrepreneur, philosopher, metaphysician, lover, light worker that sees the totality of ALL THAT IS in ALL THAT IS.  

Patelincho opinion :

 Dear steemians I have followed @nspart for some months, if you like good erotic art work... do the same. About the person, I'm glad to finally had the chance to chat with him and YES he is all he says plus much more. 

I think We need to support this art souls here so they feel at home. What about you ?


Dont forget to join him in Discord Whaleshares   ( over 1000 members ) ! https://discord.gg/RRDzn6c


                Stay positive  and many smiles !!! 


Feel free to comment , criticize, follow or unfollow me !


Thank you very much @patelincho! :) I feel very Honored by your post!

And thank you to everyone that likes my images used in this post you can follow me @nspart.

A little about the first image in this post...

This was one of the most difficult images I have ever done. I shot this by remote (In my hand that you can't see) while holding the model. This is not an easy pose to get into. We did this about 30+ times, one version with her wearing bottoms and this one without. This was shot on a grey paper background and then I added the walls, floor and sign in photoshop.

I'm going to upvote this comment so that it moves up so everyone can read what went into this image.

@nspart, you have my support as always. The first photo is definitely cool, but your visualize succes image is equally as good. I'm sure I speak for many when I say your support of the Steemit community is appreciated.

@patelincho, your support and time put into the discord channels is also appreciated. I read in one of your comments that you put in about 12 hours a day. Thank you for that.

Duuuuuude, @nspart that hairstyle is just so good! I just realized that your hairstyle doesn't even fit the frame for the profile picture.

Wow, I am by just looking at the video's thumbnail. Was there a reason for that hairstyle?

Never did it before wanted to try it out.

Thank you very much and hope more people will support your art :)

So I have been told, not trying to brag :D :D

Yea :)

I am not exactly sure what WhaleShares is, other than its the whales, the big guys, the big cheeses of the site, but i dont understand how all that exactly works or how to even maybe become a whale???

Maybe you can join our Discord and get some more info :)

Whaleshares is Token that allows you to buy Whalevotes to increase your payout. It also allows Whales to be part of it and keep the accounts powered up while generating a return on their money by selling their votes. It good for Steemit, Good for Steem because less shares are being traded or sold off, and it's good for the people that use it.

For those that think some how there is something wrong with buying votes they need to understand that Whales become whales by Buying large amounts of Steem and Powering Up. Post do well often because people promote them via paid promotion but sometimes see little to no return. There are also a lot backroom deals I believe and people that have whale friends do very well.

Whaleshares give people a chance to make money that don't want to pay for promotion, don't have connections with whales and can't afford to by $50,000+ Steem.

Whaleshares is a valuable tool. And the community and people in the community are great and supportive. :)

Came here only for the cover image. alright alright, i read the article too.


Wow thank you for read , make sure you chek @nspart for more cool photos :)

The first pic is a bomb!!!

Yes it is :)

@nspart is just amazing artist! Just adore his way of thinking!

thank you for bringing awareness to NSpart - Never heard of it before today.

He is really cool :)

Photo cool. Especially with meditation=)

Is @nspart work .... and yea he is realy good !

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I am sry about what hapand to you :(

All seems good in this life man, nice one!

Yes isnt cool ?

yeah really cool!

This how I photography... Every day there's something that's memorable :)

Every day is special :)

Great article. Thank you and SteemON!

Thank you for visit :)

As usual buddy, great photography!!! keep going.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki page about NSFW. Thanks and good luck again!

oh i love the rainbow lollipop girl :)
nice Q&A ... <3

So cute right ?

super cute :)

Thank you :)