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The beyondbitcoin/whaleshares community if you join the Discord groups are a welcoming bunch and some even go online just to get a little bit of positivity into their day. I am excited about the growth in the community and can't wait to see more projects from whaleshares and beyondbitcoin. These projects keep people engaged and keep them enthusiastic about steemit. All in all, I hope it gets the support it needs.

I first encountered the whaleshares community when I learned about the secret phrase by @jphenderson wherein I joined discord and blurted out the secret phrase myself (not how it works, by the way but everyone had a good laugh).

Then we talked about a few things on discord and I mentioned how great it would be to have a meetup that will help "onboard" newbies onto the steemit platform.

Right there an then, @officialfuzzy informed he would donate 200 beyondbits for an event like that. I was totally blown away even though I didn't know how much they were or how to use them that time.

These past weeks,I have been working to make the connections to pull the event off and getting people engaged. I talked to @surpassinggoogle to invite him to talk about @steemgigs and we didn't even realized we had been on voice for an hour talking about how best to grow with the newbies on the Steemit platform.

I also had the opportunity on a @steemgigs contest for a whaleshares guide where I learned a lot about it and was among the winners. Thanks to a whaleshares donation from @patelincho just so I could make a demo of a transfer. <3

Eventually I thought about using these beyondbit tokens to distribute to new Filipinos on the platform because I thought it was weird if it's just me upvoting myself with them and I dont even have much time these past weeks to post due to a nonexistent work-life balance. I thought it would be great if there were many Filipinos on Steemit because most of us spend a LOT of time on social media anyway.

In the Philippines alone, there were 47 MILLION internet users in 2015. [1]

According to the report, the Philippines’s internet and social media users grew by over 25 percent, up 13 million and 12 million over last year, respectively. [2]

With a lot of help from @deveerei, we made a facebook marketing teaser and @grazz, we sent out a media proposal (fingers crossed), had tarpaulin banners printed and bought balloons.

The post made 35 shares on facebook and 2200++ views so far:

All this wouldn't have been possible without @officialfuzzy and his words of encouragement in discord and on whaletank.

I was so nervous about whaletank but I swallowed my nerves. We wanted to know what other people's opinions would be about our idea and how we can else improve it by asking for suggestions so I went ahead and enlisted our project for whaletank.

Listen to it here -

We talked about the mission and vision for Steemph and next steps. Eventually we have decided to start small for now (lest I be making plans too big for my panties) but we look forward to going on whaletank again and completing our mission. Let's talk on Aug5 on how YOU can be a part of this mission.

Thanks for reading!

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Upvoted and Resteemed ❤

Thank you for all your hard work.

- Your SteemPH Family


As far i know fuzzy always suport good projects even more when they come from a minnow , In whaletank you can only get more support and the chanse to explayn your project . Glag you join and good lucky with your project :)


Thank you so much @patelincho. It will be along road but I know we can do what it takes to make it a reality.

Thanks @luvabi for all effort for this event and thank you for leading us. I'm sure without you this event will not even push thru.


Well because of you it will push thru! ☺

Great work @luvabi !!


thanks so much @bearone!

Great job abi!!! Still amazes me how you are able to manage sooooo much stuff. Super proud of you ^_^


Hahaha right back at you friend!!!

I appreciate what you are doing to help the SteemPH Filipino Community to growth @luvabi. You are a wonderful person and i like the effort and love you put in this project. Keep going and encourage more minnows to join.


Thanks so much @andr1an0 happy to see your success in steemit. Keep up the good work as well :)

You are really amazing @luvabi! Great effort!

Re-steemed this and will send to my friends on fb with your steemit profile link.


Thank you so much @purepinay, it's people like you too, that inspire me to do well.

Wow! Its hard to manage... a lot of effort... steem power!!! ♨🌷♨


power to the max! :) thanks @kennyroy!