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Greetings steemians! We've had another wonderfully busy week on the Whaleshares Discord server! First, we had the launch of our new initiative, eostalk.io! Powered by @jesta's chainbb and running on the steem blockchain, this is the first eos related forum and the first of many niche forums to be brought to the steem platform! Since it runs on the steem blockchain you can post, vote, and collect rewards right from there! Many more forums are soon to come so you can easily find and discuss all your favorite topics in one place.

Last week also saw the announcements of our rap battles and open mic night live on our server. Rap battles will start tomorrow at 8 pm EST and open mic will start Saturday also at 8 om EST. Our GM @thecrazygm had to cancel last week's game night of our tabletop RPG campaign of the Black Hack but we will be playing tonight in just a few hours! The Beyond Bitcoin hangout on their Mumble server has started it's new format as the official Beyond Bitcoin Whaletank. This new format allows for people to present their initiatives to us to possibly get funding for their projects through the beyondbit and whaleshare tokens.

Speaking of hangouts, during the Whaleshares hangout on Sunday on the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble server we came up with an idea. People really liked the idea of our rap battles and open mic but not everyone is a musician or MC, so we came up with the idea of a Spoken Word Poetry Reading night. Even though another Discord server just happened to announce one 2 days after we came up with the idea in our public hangout we decided it was a good idea. Spoken Word Poetry Reading night will take place on Tuesday nights on the Whaleshares Radio voice channel and anyone can sign up to read their poetry or prose written either by them or their favorite writers. All are welcome and it should be a great time. All participants will receive some whaleshares with the amount received by each one depending on how many people show up.

With all this going on I have, so far, not had time to set up the server for Beyond Bitcoin Radio but that will be coming in the very near future and all these events will be broadcast live. We will also soon be accepting submissions from steemit musicians who want us to play their music on Beyond Bitcoin Radio. As usual, everyone whose songs are selected will receive a whaleshares payment and have their music broadcast on our 24 hour radio station for the whole world to hear.

Now on to the secret phrase of the week... So far we have honored our illustrious Red Queen and she has graciously contributed a tribute to me but our glorious benefactor, @officialfuzzy has yet to be honored. So, in honor of him this week's secret phrase will be All hail @GodEmperorFuzzyNuts! When you see the secret phrase be one of the first 5 people to respond by repeating the secret phrase and include your bitshares username and you will receive 10 whaleshares! For this one make sure that he is tagged in your response or it will not count. Have fun and happy steeming!

These tokens are on BitShares! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

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@jphenderson I have been joining the hangout since joining steemit last month. I stay 5+ hours and still yet to get a whaleshare and beyondbit free tocken for my posts , I also signed the attendance for last week-pls help me get my tokens My user is Charles1


Those are Fuzzy's hangouts so I have nothing to do with it. I will ask him about it next time I talk to him.


@jphenderson you are a good guy..his royal highness, thanks.

Thanks, I really like discord since I've tried it!

Come for the secret phrase. Leave with a crap ton of info. Lots going on.

Thanks for the information .. I will always follow you .. follow me @riansteem ..may be a good friend

Thanks for extending this to include prose and poetry. I'd like to be a part of it, hopefully next Tuesday. Is there a limit to how many people can be on at the same time?