Cross-posting, a curse, a blessing?

in #whaleshares10 months ago

The idea of cross-posting is simple, reach as many people as possible.
I am not a fan, mostly because it is often used in an ineffective way.

Reaching as many people as you can, at random, is like throwing a bunch of pamphlets out of a plane above a random area. How many people in the area are interested in your information, and how many of them will be exactly where the pamphlets land? It is inefficient, and results in a lot of trash.

That is kind of what I see when people cross-post from whatever platform to the platform. Text is not altered so the Whaleshares members are addressed as Steemians, or Smokers, or ...
The links to accounts are not hardcoded, which means they result into a page not found because the tagged/mentioned member names only exist on the platform of origin. Ads in the footer are directed to the platform of origin. It is a mess. Not all, but many.

Cross-posting to Whaleshares is twice as inefficient as to any other platform, because Whaleshares is a Social Sharing Friends Network. For this to work, you need to be present, not just send a post. You can't socialize with people who are not there. You can't celebrate your birthday surrounded by birthday cards, you need real people, who help you eat the cake. Okay, so I think it is obvious, I am not a fan.

However, the one thing cross-posting does do, no matter the quality of the post is, make people aware of the platform of origin. Now that is something I am a great fan of. Everyone should know about Whaleshares, and find out that it is a great platform for those who are tired of fake likes of Facebook, or the post length, subject, quality restrictions of other social media platforms.

Therefore I will cross-post, but FROM Whaleshares to other platforms, instead of the other way around. Let's see how that goes.

The footer will be adjusted in the future

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