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Do you like to travel or visit a different place than your town, either to discover new things or experiences? Well I do love to travel, traveling is very healthy for your mind and soul.

Since I am currently traveling through Colombia, heading from Medellín to the mountain of the beautiful town of Filandia, I am inspired to bring you this week a contest related with traveling.

I would love to read about your traveling experiences so for this contest, the participation is very easy, fun and interesting!

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But before we start, I would like to give the unforgettable mention to one of the coolest steemians of the Whaleshares Community our dear friend ➩ @krazykrista who is always supporting and giving the whaleshares for this contest!

Are you ready?

What is your favorite city, town or place you have ever traveled to and why?

If you have not had the opportunity to leave your country yet, you can still parcipate by mentioning the favorite city or town you have visited within your country!


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Please follow the following rules in order to make valid your participation:

  • Write your response as a comment down below.
  • If you want to add a picture to be more expressive, go ahead.
  • Upvote this post.
  • Don't forget your Bitshares Account Name

You do not have to resteem the post, but your support would be appreciated, so that your friends and followers can also participate.

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I am looking forward to read your entries, maybe you will inspire me to go and visit that favorite country, town or place of yours =)

The contest will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place based on the most interesting answer.

How will the Whaleshares be distributed?

  • 1st ➟ 50 WS
  • 2nd ➟ 25 WS
  • 3rd ➟ 15 WS

Winners will be chosen right after 7 days of this post!

Everyone is invited to participate, don’t miss this opportunity to earn some Waleshares!

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How do you receive your Whaleshares Tokens?

You will need to have a Bitshares/Openledger account, a blockchain platform.
Here is a link for you to create an account: Sign Up
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To me truly travelling to a place is spending more time that just a brief visit at one place. For me a visit requires multiple weeks or months maybe of time to truly understand and appreciate the people/culture and environment of a place.

Therefor I am nominating the island of Sint Martin as my favorite travel place because I spend more than 3.5 years there hahahahha.

White sand beaches, azur blue oceans, friendly faces and a layed back way of thinking.

Ow yeah and this world famous runway ;)

bts: karinxxl1984

Lake Como is a place of beauty and peace, located in northern Italy. I and my husband have visited this place in June 2017 and trust me since then I imagine this lake whenever I want to feel something good. That sight is still in my eyes as if I just came back from there. The views were breathtaking. The pictures can't define the feeling I have about it.

This is a lake which is surrounded by many small villages and you can travel to each of them by ferry in 10-15 minutes. We stayed in Tremezzo and we have visited Bellagio (the most popular among all), Menaggio, Lenno and Verenna (all the villages) around. They all are popular for the Villas full with marble sculptures, lush planting, and blooming flowers.

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I love to travel, meeting new places, new people, trying new food! Last weekend had the opportunity to travel to Margarita's Island in my country Venezuela what an incredible place, everyone gotta visit this amazing island, a visual delight, when mountains and ocean mix together, you can be deeply overwhelmed by the incredible views of the island, it's beaches, people and food are excellent, a paradise what can I say I love the beach! :)
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Wow guys, I am so happy to see so many entries.
First of all I would like to apologize for my delay. Since last week I was very ill and eneded up in the hospital, still here fighting against a lung infection.
Please be patient, I will re read everything through again and select winners soon.
Thanks for your understanding.