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This is my bitshares account.....


I will be glad to have some whaleshares from you to open an account.

Thanks for the information see you tomorrow too @broncnutz

Interesting...I was wondering if there were other chains similar to steemit. Quick question, what's the best process for investing/depositing cash into the system here to raise my steem power? Is there a way to directly add USD, or do I have to buy bitcoin? Thanks for sharing Broncnutz!


You gotta get bitcoin first....just set up a Coinbase account.....then use Blocktrades which is a tab inside your Steemit wallet to buy Steem with the bitcoin. You will earn much much faster with Steem power.


Thanks for the info...wasn't sure how to proceed. I want to add a little bit maybe each week/bi-weekly to build up.

What I don't understand is how can we claim the WLS tokens if we first need to sent them to you for confirmation??? I don't have any WLS Tokens to be sent away but I would be eligible for the BTS Airdrop...can you please explain???


you dont send anything to me


Ooo shit sorry


@broncnutz Does it have referrals program,,,?

Good news. Thanks for sharing this good news for Bitshare account holders. Great👌

I do not know about it thank you for telling

Its important news for bitshare account holders. I know some people have bitshare account. And i will inform them for this airdrop.

great news. thanks for sharing

Very good news. so thanks you.

Great! Love me some airdrops.

I bought some bitshares and it is in my exchange account on crypto bridge exchangers . Will I still receive Airdrops on my bitshares account wallet


yes if you open an accout at

Hello steemains!

Actually may be these are User Issued Assets that anybody can make on the Bitshares DEX which can be utilized for remunerating substance or network challenges and activities on the Whaleshares stage. They are classified "Whale" tokens in light of the fact that as you become your WHALESTAKE after some time and turn into a whale, you can use the estimation of your token to help other people in the network.

Steem on!

In Chinese(Trd)
的獨特之處在於共享內容和獎勵內容是同義詞。 在Whaleshares,它是關於分享和獎勵你喜歡的內容。 每次單擊新的Whaleshare按鈕,您都將獲得獎勵。So best of luck & keep moving forward!

Sure, I will look into it, Thanks for the information.

P.S if you want to Develop Good habits, Don't forget to watch my today's hunt ;)

Wow, it's amazing. Free airdrop and platform like steemit ;) sound interesting, lets do it.

Can anyone send me 1 whaleshare token so I can claimed my account. By the way my bitshares account is "vrbts" thank you in advanced.

thanks for give information

This is really great updates sir,thanks for sharing i am very new to crypto and steemit.

Great news and thanks for letting us know.

Do you know where can i read about more of the airdrops? What will be the ratio?

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITF, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

I will watch your full video,Very great and informative video,very great information,this is to good news bitshares holders,Wonderful to find this airdrop.I will inform some peoples this news, thanks for sharing this valuable news,

Wow. Its a good news. Bitshare introduce great airdrop. Thanks for your share man. Good luck

Hey nice to see your this vedio. I think its a great news for bitshare holders. .. sir @broncnutz
Thanks for your support
Have a nice day.

ohh i didnt joined it before can i get it i join now ??

thanks for this information

Good and great to find this airdrop. Thanks for providing such a great news.

hey @broncnutz is whaleshare platefarm copy of steemit? bcz i saw this is 100% like steemit, and also i requested to create a account with the same name of shencoin on whaleshare .. what you think on it, what will be the value of wls rewards in usd and also will it be a wonderfull platfarm like steemit?

Thanks for the information see you tomorrow too @broncnutz

well i have been holding some time to take advantage :D

Amazing offer for bitshare account holder

I don't have bitshare account. Can I still participate or I should have bitshare account first?

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