Yensesa Curation Party(24th August 2018) with @desmond41

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Hello everyone. Do you know what today is? Its Friday!!!!!!!!!. which marks another party for the yensesa discord channel(
Join us, meet new friends, get followers and upvotes. All you need to do is just attend.
Easy right.......
The time is 7 PM GMT. Remember its the yensesa discord channel(
So get your interesting and favorite post ready.

What is yensesa?

Yensesa(in Akan language) means lets exchange. Yensesa is on the journey to become the Binance of Africa built for Africa and the Rest of the world. We are completely different and our revenues will be shared with the community of Yensesa token holders.

How to register

Go to and sign up for a new account.

How to get yensesa tokens

You can delegate your Steem Power to @yensesa by clicking the delegate button. Once you delegate, connect with us on discord( with your bitshare username and we will send you the tokens. If you don't have a bitshare username, don't worry it takes less than 1 min to get one from here(

Why don't you head over to the witness page ( and vote for @black-man and @yensesa as your witness by clicking this arrow key (^) besides their names thank you.
Thank you for visiting my profile...... This is @aquacy and that's all for today folks.


You got 2.20% upvote from Yensesa. Thank you for your continues support of Yensesa Exchange and being a member of Yensesa Residual Income

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