Whaleshares live tutorial- Everything you'll need to know + 10 free whaleshares for attending!

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Our live whaleshares tutorial will begin today at 11 AM EST (3 PM UTC)

We are welcoming everyone to join us for a live whaleshares Q&A and how to.
Join us in the whaleshares discord server.

Once you are there, send me a direct message and add me as a friend.
My name will be at the top of the user list on the right in the whalesares server.

New members will receive 10 whaleshares to try it out.
Currenly worth a $2.12 vote!

What you will need:

*A steemit account with a recent post to try it on

*A free discord account

*A free bitshares/openledger account

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in comments or general chat.
If you don't know what whaleshares are, now is the perfect time to find out!

As Always,

Thanks for stopping by
Good Luck and Enjoy!


Thanks @akrid

When i finally got my sound and screen-share going this turned out to be an awesome tutorial.

I've had a bit-shares account for a few months now but never really used the platform. and so to receive a hands-on tutorial was just what I needed to get started.

I would recommend joining discord and getting involved in the next whaleshares tutorial to anyone with basic knowledge of exchanges and whaleshares.

The $2 up-vote for my post via whaleshares during the tutorial was a bonus too.

Thanks again!

Asher @abh12345

Excellent! Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.
I'm glad it was so helpful for you.
I'll have to do these more often :-D

No problem, thank you again! :)

Thanks @akrid for the tutorial and free whaleshares. You're awesome.

Thank you - I will try to join!

Hope to see you there!

Would love to join and get to know this a bit more indeed - however can not jump on any calls - a pity, hope i can make it in the future - seems you are doing some great work out there

I hope you can join next week!

very cool! too bad i can't access discord at work , it's blocked (-:

Hopefully I can figure out a better time for you next week :)

alright, no worries man (-:

This is so nice, especially that the newbies on steemit will benefit from it.

Thanks for contributing to the community growth. Steemit will continue to grow

Thanks, you too pal

You're welcome

Hey great idea! Wish I could've made it. Hope this brings more people to Whaleshares.

Thanks. I'll be doing it again for sure :)

thanks Akrid for the tutorial. It was very kind of you to share. Followed!

Thanks! Glad you could make it

Thank you for this @akrid will really be helpful

Great! Thanks for share

very good post, and can be a good example ..

nice post upvoted your vote is important for me @deshwal

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