The Midas Touch

in #whales5 years ago (edited)

I really enjoy watching people randomly get a huge payout for an article that a couple whales and dolphins upvote. It's inspiring. Even though I don't yet have the post idea that will bring the attention of these trend changers, I still feel like I can find my niche somewhere. It feels like everyone has that opportunity. Grabbing the attention of these people can come at anytime, and when it does it can change your status on this forum drastically. That adds such an amazing aspect to posting.

Happy hunting!


I sense you'll be "touched" soon :D

How did you display your picture?
Something that is not user friendly here at steemit yet, is how easily beginners can display a picture,
When users use a website or youtube video link, pictures are shown automatically, but when users want to show their own uploaded picture at somewhere else, then they get in trouble :-)

Usually I copy and paste the URL and it shows up. Sometimes I need to add a short code like ![]( url address here). A flickr account really helps out.

wondering if there is a project where people can upload their pictures and get storaged on the blockchain, maybe that is what madesafe is about it?

I think LBRY might have that capability. Here check it out. There's a wait list, but I bet it will be advantageous to get on it.