How whales are making big money out shitty content, while the best content gets underrated most of the time. DO SOMETHING AGAINST IT NOW!

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Hello everyone!

I've been watching the differences between reward moneys for regulair posts, and posts by people with a strong account like the whales.
I have found out there is way to many shitty content out there that gets mass upvote, while there is some seriously awsome and great content out there that get very little upvotes or resteems.
Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 9.23.25 PM.png
(This chat is not accurate)

This bugged the living shit out of me (not because of myself because I can't write for shit) but for the steemians who can actually write the living shit out of an article but still get no money.



After days of thinking about what to do about this, I came up with an idea that will not stop the whales from making loads of money but it might help you (regulair steemians) and the steemians who have some serious writing skills but just no followers to read whatever it is that he wrote.

Ok here it is : I am going to make a post 10 minutes after this one and ask people to send the links to their article they think is good, this way we will end up with a verry long list of lnks to articles.
Then Everyone who posted their links should take a look at the other links and upvote and maybe resteem the ones that they like(but dont upvote allready rich people).
That way people who have trouble getting their article seen by the other steemians will get some publicity but more importantly the great contents will get great rewards and the bad contents will get bad rewards.


please resteem this article to get the word out

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I also can't write for shit ..BUT I applaud your moxy.

you are very funny :-)

Re-Steem Your Post Because I Agree With U !

resteemed and good luck...

totally agree! especially I see a lot of shitty posts getting paid big time just because it has a pretty face / nice body in it (most of them just talk 💩! hot girl privilege?! I say it is! not with my vote for sure!), while awesome posts full of knowledge and important information passes by with just some little bucks! that really sucks! 😐
anyway, followed+upvoted+resteemed

Doc good post reesteemed and voted 100%

Sweet im bout to start posting them :D

I've noticed original Artists get overlooked on here, not just me but others. Most are not writers and speak with shape and color, maybe thats it. I dont know.

when did you join steemit?


I made my introduction page 6 days ago but I joined steemit a few days before and simply just did not have a clue what to write a bout.


I just joined this week as well, but it takes time. Nothing was built over night, people need to start seeing your name, your posts, and keep up to date. Be interesting creative yourself most important and you will see many new friends.

I will be sharing my link on your article. Hopefully it gets some views!


Me too, good luck!

cool, will give it a try

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haha je hebt wel humor iig

volg je nu ouwe


Bedankt man! altijd leuk om een nederlander tegen te komen!
Geweldige naam heb je gekozen.


Vond jouw naam ook wel behoorlijk baas. haha


haha bedankt man

If you can't win, then join them. Garbage is now a precious commodity. It has higher valuation than Gold and Silver.

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What were you smoking when you got this idea? I want some of that. Good idea.

I'm pretty new on Steemit as you can tell.

Do you have any data supporting this? Why did you put an inaccurate chart in your post?


Only one thing is for sure, his chat is not accurate.

You've gotten 65 upvotes (including myself), and you've made a whopping $2.25, with my upvote contributing the most.

Yes, you're right @flyingdutchman.

I think this is one of the existential problems on steemit. As the community grows, new steemians will come in and see that they spend hours writing quality content , and get paid 2 cents, while crap content from early adopters gets big money. Its unsustainable. Reminds me of an MLM. While I like this platform and want to believe things will improve. I think its doubtful.

I think it is a problem of our modern world. Outside steemit is the same. We live in a era where mediocrity is rewarded.


totally true brother, too bad I want to keep "0"followers or you would have had a new follower. all i can do now is upvote and resteem.
Great comment. made me feel good to see there are still people not completely brainwashed by the corrupt medias and all the lies from secret goverments operating from the dark, but still have more power than the actual goverments


We have power but the point is... Do majority of thepeople want to use this power?


They will, the thing is they can't no they are doing this.
The only way they will is if they all think they are doing it for personal gain.
(downsides of the current monetaire system).


can't know** sorry

That sounds cool