What has happened to the trending page. Low rewards, less diverse content.

in whales •  2 years ago


Inaction solves nothing i feel.

Used too be way more diverse content not to mention for higher rewards. Is it it more are the whales powering down only now and no longer participating or idle? Anyone have any insight?

Think steemit should be talking about this way more. Pretty pictures are nice, a community wide awareness of what is happening and community wide support of steemit could change a lot. Just my 2 cents.

Even i find myself posting hardly at all now. Seems only the people will whale followers do well so seems time is better spent on other projects/content. (Personally that is) Way more incentive needs to exist i feel. Also i am almost certain this will fall of deaf ears and will be buried.

I really enjoy steemit i just would rather see it be a huge success. Maybe it's time we spoke about this and the devs might have some sway in bringing back the powering down whales by offering some form of incentive?

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