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RE: Are You Paying Randowhale? Do You Know How He is Using YOUR Money? Not to Upvote You with His Massive SteemPower.....Read Here

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This is an appropriate post about the topic. Unfortunately @libertyteeth's call for a hard fork was not an appropriate response.

The only solution that I can see, again, unfortunately, is to 'fight' the flag war in the court of public opinion, as you do here.

People will have to read, try to understand, make up their minds. In the end, I come here to find and read good content.

But of course this is a decentralized place so if you think there is something wrong, you will have to write an article like this one and convince others.

Keep it up scarlet7!


It wasn't a call for a hard fork, it was asking whether such a call would be appropriate. This has really affected many of us negatively, including myself. I'm starting to feel better about this situation, especially with this post.

Which I just went to upvote, and found that it was nuked to oblivion. Gave it a 100% upvote, but that still wasn't enough.

Yes, I don't want to offend, you asked, and I answered, but over here in a different thread, sorry about that.

I think though - @haejin's team is 'winning'

haejin payout.jpg

A few more thoughts -

That's a lot of money. You must admit it is. So we at least understand why they think it is a lot of money and might get upset with it. Remember, we live in a world that has told us (them) that rewards should be distributed 'fairly'. They think they are doing good.

Concentration of the SP is a top problem named about Steemit Platform. The only way to combat it is to buy it from them, power up and fatten up our own stakes here, slowly creating the world we want. Also adding more use-cases, more value centers (like did, and like any other sector 'buying-in' would. Imagine if a local government decided to buy in and do all of their accounting and records on Steemit? They could do it! Probably they would create their own condenser, like utopian did, but the steemit condenser shows everything.)

Anyways, my two cents, Love and Light to you LibertyTeeth

Thanks. As you may or may not know, I'm recovering from multiple concussions and sometimes the irritability symptom makes me think I'm under attack when I'm not.

Sometimes it's right, as my invisible posts and comments this morning showed. I upvoted all my comments back to visibility, but now I'm down in the 20s in terms of voting power. Oh well, it'll recover.

I really like the way the community is responding. I didn't get a similar response a few months ago when he first attacked without provocation (and that's okay, as I'm not providing the MASSIVE value that @haejin is) -- and neither did the many, many others who were attacked by this sad broken-headed whale.

Meanwhile, ZRX looks like it's getting into wave 3. It's a lot more fun going back and forth to the Binance tab, while continuing this discussion. Although my prior blogging has fallen pretty much completely off. The garden is covered in white, and I've not Flame Painted in some time.

Anyway just followed you. Love and light back, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you friend! Get well soon, 2018 is going to be a great year :)

This is pointless. Flags can only remove rewards, which these flag abusers generally acquire with sock-puppets anyway. The community can't regulate their behavior. This isn't real-life.

I try to maintain optimism. But perhaps you are right. I'm still having fun on steemit, and tried my hand at a bit of philosophy today in this thread.

I'm not sure what you mean by sock-puppets, if you mean the free steem given to a new registered account (so that seems like something that should probably change), but if I delegate my SP to any number of new accounts I can make with my steem, and I write scripts for how they should act, they are only carrying out my will.

And since it is indeed my SP, then it is my right that my bots vote the way I want them too. That trolls exist is an internet problem, not a steemit problem. In fact, it almost seems (maybe just in the tags I hang out in?) that there are surprisingly few trolls on steemit!

So what do we do for bad flagging behavior? Unfortunately we only have flagging...

I think 'talking it out' helps too. Pointless though it may be.

The large flaggers don't seem to be particularly concerned with earning on their main accounts, and they are capable of making many alternate accounts and posting from them. Attacking their reputation with flags, or earnings when they use most of their stake to downvote, therefore seems mostly pointless from a game-theory perspective.

No judgment, it is what it is.

Probably the only thing that could affect this particular user is in the witness department. I see he enjoys automation, he probably is a good dev!

I still (optimistically) think maybe we can all get along ;p

True, but if people are exposed to this content, they can get decide what they want their money to represent. Bernie has a place here, we can all exist here at once. No fairy tales needed. Just trying to help those who don't know and give this guy their money. Just letting them know what he does with it. It's all out there, I saw it, thought others might find value in it. I don't need the money here either, sure it's a nice side score, but I've got a shit load of steem not on these boards. And it won't be. I don't need to pay myself here, I make great money in the markets and with a full time job. And the people I support don't need me to pay them, that's why I chose to keep my SP low. My vote talks just as well.

I really could use some followers and UPVOTES so my rating and post can be seen. I'm only trying to help @Haejin because I believe in him, what he does, how helps people and what he stands for. Please follow me and upvote my post so my rating get better. Please :( know.... I think I see your master plan. Keep sucking up BS' Voting Power ;p

Yep I certainly will. I am not on this site to earn money so with @BERNIESANDERS wasting his steem power on me helps other people. I could care less. When my BEAST ROBOT is finished (my programmer is creating it now) if he doesn't stop meaning with @Haejin and his followers I will personally destroy every post he placed to the tune of $0

I thought it was kinda of annoying.... all the posting.... But now I see it's actually a quite brilliant strategy. I see he's not still smashing you. If he does, make sure you post all over the board, and don't ask for votes, play the victim. Post in every category possible and post something relevant, then when you're flagged down by him, play the innocent victim card. Let every community see his ass, let them smell that stench for themselves.

I just really wish he didn't make Futurama look bad. Futurama did nothing to deserve him representing a piece of their art.

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