Whalepower Tag First Year Anniversary | June 2017 - 2018 [Eng / Bahasa ]

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Whale Power Just Turn 1 year old this month.
#whalepower have been launch since June 2017, founder @bullionstackers
We would like to Thank @Everyone for their constant Supporting #whalepower Community Project.
Mainly, to @paul-gillbanks , who have put a lot of weight in. @neoxian for delegation SP to @whalepower
We Currently, have over 200 x users each day.

Whale Power 1 tahun bulan ini.
#whalepower telah diluncurkan sejak Juni 2017. Pendiri @bullionstackers
Kami mengucapkan terima kasih kepada @Everyone atas Proyek Komunitas #whalepower yang selalu mendukung proyek kita.
Terutama, untuk @ paul-gillbanks, yang telah memasukkan banyak bobot. @neoxian untuk delegasi SP ke @whalepower
Kami Saat ini, memiliki lebih dari 200 pengguna setiap hari.
Terima Kasih

#whalepower A Project for Better Community

All #whalepower Contents / Images are Copy-Rights
If you want to use any part of this, please ask for permission first.
#whalepower Help-Desk Discordapp @bullionstackers


Someone just Turn One Year

Congrats on reaching your one year anniversary. Great work, keep it up.

Congratulations @whalepower

Happy birthday #whalepower !!

oh yeah, we are on the same months of birth here in steemit. will make my own post about my birthday. hhmmm two days ago tough. lol

happy birthday whalepower

Happy Anniversary #whalepower :)

I thought you've been here longer than that.
Wow! Congratulations #whalepower!!!

Congratulation whalepower & I also reach my 1st year journey with steemit . Thankful to admin of whalepower community @bullionstackers

Terima kasih #whalepower semoga semakin berjaya😃

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